Pro Bono Services

At Present Truth Investigations, we realize that not all families can afford the cost of Investigative Services. And we desire that the services of a Private Investigator be available to all. In the spirit of equity and equal opportunity, we provide our services to families and individuals, who may not have the immediate financial means to hire a Private Investigator in Toronto or within Southern Ontario.

To be considered for the program, simply complete our contact form and indicate that you are interested in our Pro Bono Program. We would also like to know the circumstances around your request and why you should be considered for this service. Please also indicate if you have contacted Legal Aid. We may require contact with your legal advocate.

Any donations made to us as a result of providing this service will be donated to Eva’s Phoenix; which provides services for homeless and at-risk youth. To get started, CLICK HERE to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

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