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Brand: Prey

Prey Tracking Software provides peace of mind when it comes to tracking the physical location of your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Track devices proactively in place, time, and detect movement. The software captures location, time, and even the picture of the thief! This data can be used to locate stolen items and to provide this information to the police.

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Main Software Features Include:

  • Track the location of laptops, phones, and tablets, and ensure you can quickly react to unauthorized movements with geofencing.
  • Prey’s configurable tracking provides multiple-location methods for better accuracy and reliability, without compromising the battery of the device.
  • The platform uses combined tracking methods, choosing the most accurate and reliable result from GPS, WiFI triangulation, and GeoIP to locate your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • View your device’s location individually, or keep an eye on all of them at once using the global view.
  • Create geofencing areas on a map that alert the movement of devices, like those who shouldn’t leave the office, and then react automatically.
  • Look back into a device’s historic movements, detect odd patterns, and identify possible suspect locations.
  • The recovery begins when you mark a device as missing in the panel. The Evidence Reports will activate and deliver crucial evidence for the police, in custom time-frequencies.
  • When available, the report will also bring a front and back camera picture to help you identify the perpetrator and place, as well as a screenshot.
  • FREE DOWNLOAD account supports up to 3 mobile devices.

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