Portable Online Privacy USB Drive - Windows

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Brand: Paraben

Protect your Online Privacy anywhere with the Cloakey Privacy Toolkit. Cloakey provides everyone with the tools to browse the internet anywhere without having to worry if you are being monitored or tracked. All mainstream websites track data, whenever we use the internet, our activities are being tracked, whether it’s a big data company, employer, or something more sinister. Internet companies track your online habits because they want to learn about your interests in order to show advertisements that they believe will be suited to you. Reclaim your data privacy and security today!


  • Complete Online Privacy Anywhere
  • USB Based Privacy App Launcher
  • Encrypt Your Drive for Ultimate Security
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11*
  • Browse the Internet without being Monitored
  • Defeats Computer Network Surveillance
  • Bypass Censored Websites
  • Stops your online activities from being Tracked
  • Built-in Password Manager with Password Protection
*Encryption not available on all versions of Windows
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