This Agreement is legally binding between the Affiliate and PresentTruthInvestigations.com. By creating an account and participating in our Affiliate Program, the Affiliate hereby agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions set forth in this AFFILIATE PROGRAM AGREEMENT. The Affiliate, whose name appears in the sign-up process, also agrees to have read and understood the entire agreement and shall agree to abide by the terms herein.


This AFFILIATE PROGRAM AGREEMENT (“Affiliate Agreement”) governs the AFFILIATE PROGRAM offered by PresentTruthInvestigations.com (referred to as “our”, “we”, or “us”). This Affiliate Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between PresentTruthInvestigations.com and any person or entity who wishes to join in our Affiliate Program (referred to herein as “Affiliate”, “your”, or “you”).


Once you sign up and your application is approved, PresentTruthInvestigations.com will provide you with referral links that will be generated through your account. Copy and paste the link on your blog, website, social media platforms, or email and share it with other people.

We will be using cookies for thirty (30) days and other similar technologies to track down users who have visited your referral link.  If users don’t allow cookies, we may not be able to track them, hence, we will not be liable to compensate referral earnings.


An Affiliate will be eligible for a payout if the following criteria are met:

  • The referral will lead to a sale of our products or a new subscription;
  • The referral’s account is in good standing and does not have any violations of any of the terms in this Affiliate Agreement;

If one or more of these criteria are not met by the Affiliate, the referral will not be eligible for a payout.


For each qualified referral, you will receive up to 20% commission from the sale, which will accrue during the period for which such commission is to be calculated.  You may contact us for more details.

Payment will be processed within thirty (30) to sixty (60) days after the end of every month unless otherwise provided by PresentTruthInvestigations.com. We will only compensate you for Eligible Referral made pursuant to this Affiliate Agreement. 
The payment of your commission will be made via Paypal. We will not be responsible for paying any third-party fees that Paypal may ask to process your commission fee. 
The Affiliate and PresentTruthInvestigations.com will be responsible for payment of their respective taxes, if any, in relation to the Affiliate Program and commission payment. 
If you experience payment errors, you can contact us immediately.


The Affiliate agrees to our privacy policy and shall comply with such policy and other applicable data protection legislation in Canada or in any province or country the Affiliate is residing. Affiliate shall not collect any personal data from PresentTruthInvestigations.com’s sites to be used in any fraudulent activities. Please read our Privacy Policy, as it will be incorporated in the terms of this agreement regarding data protection. 


PresentTruthInvestigations.com shall remain the owner of all intellectual and proprietary rights, as well as the title and interest thereto, including but not limited to its trademark, content, design, website, and all other intellectual properties. By agreeing, you acknowledge and understand that PresentTruthInvestigations.com grants no licenses to the Affiliate of any kind, except what is provided in this Affiliate Agreement. 


You may terminate your participation with our Affiliate Program by requesting us to remove the account. Similarly, PresentTruthInvestigations.com reserves the right to terminate the participation of the Affiliate at any time, with or without prior notice. 

Breach of any provisions under this Affiliate Agreement and any conduct of the Affiliate which is recognized as harmful to PresentTruthInvestigations.com’s business or any third party will terminate the participation of the Affiliate to our Affiliate Program. 

PresentTruthInvestigations.com will remove your access to the site and dashboard and will forfeit all of your prospective and unpaid commission fees once your participation is terminated.


PresentTruthInvestigations.com will not be liable for any damages or losses of revenue, profits, or data, that you may incur, whether such damages or losses are direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential from your participation in our Affiliate Program. Our liability arising from this Agreement shall not exceed the total commissions payable to you during the ninety (90) days period immediately following the act that causes the liability. 


Affiliate will be treated as an independent contractor of PresentTruthInvestigations.com. This Affiliate Agreement is not intended to form a partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship between PresentTruthInvestigations.com and Affiliate. 


We reserve the right to modify any part of this Affiliate Agreement at any time. We will make the necessary efforts to let you know of any changes that may affect you as our Affiliate. If you’re not in agreement with the modifications, you may terminate your participation with us at any time. Your continued participation despite the modifications will mean that you agree with such modifications. 


Protecting your information is one of our priorities. We will take responsibility for taking the necessary steps to protect your information. In turn, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information that you may collect or be well aware of as an Affiliate. 


  1. Warrant. The Affiliate warrants that it has the legal capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement, and that its actions are in compliance with any and all applicable laws.
  2. Assignment. This Affiliate Agreement may not be assigned without the prior written consent of PresentTruthInvestigations.com.
  3. Governing Law. This Affiliate Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Canada.


Following guidelines that you need to observe in order to verify the genuineness, validity, and authenticity in the use of the website and promotional methods:


  • Website Alterations. Any variations, misspelling, or alterations in the brand name and/or domain URL of PresentTruthInvestigations.com is strictly prohibited.
  • Website Misrepresentations. False claims and misrepresentations of our website, including our services and brand is not allowed, as well as content that misrepresent PresentTruthInvestigations.com as a company that provides and offers promotional services.
  • Website Content. Any websites or website content that contains pornographics, derogatory remarks, and other inappropriate language is unacceptable and not allowed. 
  • Use of Branded Ad Copy, Content, and Media. No branded ad copy, content, and/or media not approved or provided by PresentTruthInvestigations.com shall be used. 


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Keyword Bidding. Keyword bidding is not allowed on PresentTruthInvestigations.com’s branded keyword phrases, company name, or any variations relating to our brand (i.e. PresentTruthInvestigations.com).
  • Use of Negative Keywords. Use of Negative Keywords is encouraged to prevent your website or ad from showing on irrelevant or unrelated searches.
  • Use of Direct Links. No affiliates are allowed to use our website addresses as their display URL in search ads for the purpose of direct linking.
  • Email: Allowed – Affiliates must be CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Software – Not Allowed
  • Sub-Affiliates. Use of sub – affiliate networks and similar mechanisms are not allowed.
  • Social Media – As an Affiliate, your social media content and profiles must adhere to the guidelines and policies of PresentTruthInvestigations.com. No misrepresentation of our brand and similar acts are allowed. 
  • Direct linking (Use of Display URL): Not allowed