Welcome to Present Truth Investigations.   We are a licensed private investigative agency based out of Toronto; servicing Ontario.   Our team is comprised of former law enforcement, military and tenured private investigators.  We specialize in domestic, civil, criminal and corporate investigative matters.  And we pride ourselves in the exceptional quality and service we deliver.  Contact us today!  We uncover the unknown! 

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Domestic Investigations

Do you have a domestic issue that needs investigation?  Our seasoned investigators can help in areas such as:

Child Custody Issues



Identity Theft


Bug Detection

Life is not meant to be lived in doubt and uncertainty.  Get the peace of mind by having our team uncover the present truth about your domestic relationships.  Be empowered by knowing the hard facts.

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Civil & Criminal Investigations

Our investigative team handles and supports issues related to civil and criminal matters.  We are detailed and thorough; leaving no stone unturned.

We identify the information you require to prosecute, mitigate financial loss, protect and locate persons of interest. Our investigative team can save you time, money, resources and reduce lost momentum through real-time updates and reporting. Let us assist you in areas such as:

Surveillance Requests

Due Diligence Matters

Process Serving

Skip Tracing Issues

Social Media Searches

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Corporate Investigations

Today, many corporations and businesses suffer from external and internal issues such as fraud, theft, safety concerns, employee terminations,  unsolicited surveillance, and unethical business practices.  White collar criminals are often sophisticated and shrewd operators.  And catching them can pose a significant challenge to organizations. 

Furthermore, on an annual basis, internal theft of both physical and intellectual property costs corporations millions of dollars each year.  And it is imperative that this type of loss is reduced and stopped in its tracks.  Our undercover investigators can detect, discover, protect and derail illegal and unethical internal issues that you may be experiencing.  Let us assist you in areas such as:

Employee Terminations

WSIB Claims

Threat / Harassment Issues

Bug Detection Threats

Employment Standards Issues

Internal Undercover Requests

GPS Tracking

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Background Checks

Knowing is half the battle.  And knowing who you are about to hire or work with is key.  Often the only way to determine the truthfulness of an individual is by verifying their past history.

We provide discreet and detailed investigations into past history; both domestically and abroad.  The truth is out there.  Having the peace of mind and trust in your potential new hire, employee or business partner is a key building block to a solid and lasting relationship.  Because, without trust you have nothing.   Let us assist you areas such as:

General Background Checks

Pre-Employment Screening

Social Media Searches

License Plate Look-Ups