Domestic Investigations

      At Present Truth Investigations, we provide discreet and professional services in the areas of family law and domestic investigations. This is a common area of concern for many clients.  Whether it be related to custody, to protect a child from an irresponsible parent, alimony, to shield a child from an abusive situation, to assist a client during a divorce, or to identify if and where a former partner is working, we can investigate, locate and document the evidence required.

      As private investigators we often assist with infidelity issues, stalking concerns, and alleged cheating spouses. These unfortunate situations impact all, regardless of race, position, or class.  And clients often enlist the help of an Investigative Agency, so that they can be empowered by knowing the hard facts. An investigator can assist by documenting evidence, as well as by performing electronic data searches.

      There are significant benefits in retaining the services of a private investigator. Not only do we assist in obtaining evidence for clients who are involved in legal matters, but we often act as witnesses on behalf of these clients; thereby strengthening their cases. That said, not all domestic situations involve the courts.  We consistently provide peace of mind to private individuals who are simply seeking answers. And at the end of an investigation, we provide a detailed report, in addition to any captured video obtained in HD and 4K.  Contact us today to speak with an investigator, or visit our online store for FREE personal privacy and tracking software.  Our seasoned investigators can help in domestic investigations such as:

Child Custody



Identity Theft

Child Welfare

Bug Detection

Proof of Income

PC Monitoring