Background Investigations

Background Investigation, Background Check, and Employment Verification Services

At Present Truth Investigations, we specialize in delivering discreet and comprehensive background investigation services, including background checks and employment verification. Our commitment to thorough research extends both domestically and abroad, ensuring that you have all the information you need.

Our background investigative service is designed to instill peace of mind and foster trust in various contexts, whether it’s for potential new hires, existing employees, personal acquaintances, or prospective business partners. We take pride in providing highly detailed and concise reports, giving you a clear understanding of the individual(s) in question.

Personal & Professional Background Investigations

As an agency, we go beyond conventional background checks. We excel in locating missing persons and uncovering individuals who resort to deceptive tactics to conceal their whereabouts. Additionally, we offer specialized pre-employment screening services tailored for employers.

Our services are applicable across the spectrum, from entry-level to executive-level positions. Our comprehensive background investigations delve into daily routines, behaviors, and historical insights, offering a 360-degree view of the subject’s background.

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