Background Checks

       At Present Truth Investigations, we provide discreet and detailed background checks into history; both domestically and abroad.  The truth is out there.  Having the peace of mind and trust in your potential new hire, employee, personal acquaintance, or business partner is a key building block to a solid and lasting relationship.  Because without trust you have nothing.  

       The reality today is that the majority of the developed world is online.  And as the communication level has increased, it has affected our social interactions; particularly when it comes to dating and marriage.  Today, many meet prospective love interests online.  The unfortunate thing is that not all present themselves in an honest light; whether it be through a dating app or on social media.  As such, it is increasingly more difficult to identify who you can trust.  A Private Investigator can assist in identifying and uncovering potential deception in your online interactions. 

       We also assist clients who require potential hires to be screened for any issues, before presenting an employment offer.  Typically we assist clients who are hiring for mid to executive-level positions within their corporate structure.  As investigators, we can identify daily routines, behaviors and uncover history.  To locate someone, start a background check or social media search, please visit our online store or contact us today. Let us help you in areas such as:

General Background Checks

Pre-Employment Screening

Social Media Searches

License Plate Look-Ups

Pre-Dating Investigation

Address / Property Search