At Present Truth Investigations, we provide confidential and discreet private investigative services to our clients.  Our experienced team possesses decades of law enforcement and private investigative experience.  And we pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of discretion and efficiency in our work. 

       As a licensed agency, we provide investigative services ranging from physical surveillance to digital investigations.  That said, we often assist clients with GPS tracking, undercover investigations, fraud investigations and, legal-related investigations.   And typically our clients range from private individuals to corporate entities.

       As Private Investigators, we provide premium services to our clients.  We are diligent, experienced, and ever vigilant.  Our goal is to constantly impress our clients by providing a high level of service, in a prompt and timely fashion.  And as an agency, we facilitate this high level of service through our real-time reporting.  Visit our online store or contact us to explore how we could assist you today.


Some of our clients include: Corporations, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Logistics Companies and Private Individuals.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

Domestic Investigations

Civil & Criminal Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Background Checks