How To Find A Reliable Private Investigator In Ontario, Canada – 5 Quick Tips

When you are looking for the right private investigator in Canada, specifically in Ontario, it is important to make sure that they have the appropriate qualifications and experience. Professionalism should always be a top priority when choosing an agency. Here are some tips to help you find the best possible Private Investigative agency:

1. Look for online reviews: Before hiring a private investigator, it is important to read reviews from previous clients. This will help you get an idea of the quality of their work and professionalism.

2. Ask for referrals: If you know someone who has used a private investigator in Canada before, ask them for a referral. This can be especially helpful if you are looking for a specific type of investigation, as the person may be able to recommend someone that specializes in that area.

3. Check credentials: It is essential to verify the credentials of any potential agency before signing a contract with them. Make sure they have the necessary qualifications and experience to handle your case properly.

4. Ask questions: Don’t just take the first private investigator you find; instead, take the time to interview your prospective agency. This will help ensure that you choose an agency that is a good fit for your needs and objectives.

5. Consider the cost: It is often said, that “you get what you pay for”… Don’t just take the lowest cost offered. A low cost does not always translate into a positive experience and outcome. It is important that a prospective agency would be able to provide you with the evidence, video and report in a timely manner.

By following these tips, you can be confident that you are on the road to finding the right private investigative agency with the best investigators in Canada. Always make sure to thoroughly research any potential agency before making your final decision. This will help ensure that you have a successful investigation and get the best possible results.

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How Private Investigators Can Help Combat Sex Trafficking and Online Predators

Sex trafficking and online predators are a growing problem, especially among young people. Fortunately, private investigators (PIs) can help combat these issues by conducting investigations that can help bring perpetrators to justice. In this blog, we’ll discuss how PIs work to identify and stop sex traffickers and online predators, as well as the resources they use in their investigations.

How Private Investigators Help With Sex Trafficking Investigations

Private investigators are trained to look for clues that could indicate the presence of a sex trafficking ring. They closely examine suspects’ social media accounts, phone records, and other sources of information to get an understanding of what is going on. PIs also review any law enforcement reports related to sex trafficking cases in the area and collaborate with local authorities when necessary. When a PI believes there may be a human trafficking situation present, they will act quickly by gathering evidence such as photos, analyze computer data or videos from victims or witnesses. The PI will then hand over this evidence to law enforcement so that they can take appropriate action against those involved in the crime.

How Private Investigators Help With Online Predator Investigations

Online predators are individuals who use the internet and social media platforms to target unsuspecting victims — often children or teenagers —for sexual exploitation or abuse. To combat this issue, PIs use their investigative skills and technical tools to identify potential online predators before they have a chance to cause harm. PIs will begin by gathering information about potential suspects from public records, including criminal backgrounds and past offenses. They can also look into the suspect’s social media accounts for signs of suspicious activity such as inappropriate comments or posts targeting minors. Additionally, PIs look into other aspects of an individual’s life that may indicate criminal activity such as relationships with minors or signs of grooming behavior toward them. By monitoring these activities closely, PIs are able to build a case against potential online predators before any real harm is done.

In Conclusion

Sex trafficking and online predators are serious issues that require dedicated professionals like private investigators in order to put an end to them. By using their investigative skills and resources, PIs can help identify those involved in these crimes and bring them to justice before more innocent people suffer at their hands. If you believe someone you know may be involved in either sex trafficking or online predator activities in Ontario, Canada, contact a professional at Present Truth Investigations immediately for assistance with your case. Alternatively, if you believe that you or someone else may be the victim of sex trafficking in Canada, contact the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-900-1010 for assistance immediately.

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How A Private Investigator Can Help Your Business

There are many reasons why a business may consider the help of a Private Investigator. On a daily basis, companies face challenges such as, terminations, theft, harassment, and threats made by current and former staff. And in most cases, many of these issues stem from internal matters, rather from the external causes.

Private investigators can assist businesses in ways that are often overlooked when it comes to terminating or firing an employee. When a business makes the decision to terminate an employee, it is important to ensure that the process is handled in a way that minimizes risk and protects their reputation. A private investigator can be a valuable asset in this process, as they can provide insight into any potential legal implications of the termination, as well as uncover any unauthorized activities that could cause further issues down the road.

Threats from employees can have a devastating effect on a business. Employee threats can range from physical harm, to sabotage, theft of company information or property, and even extortion. These types of employee threats can undermine the safety of the workplace, disrupt business operations, and damage the reputation of the company. Employee threats also increase legal risks for the business, which can end in costly litigation. A private investigator can assist the company in uncovering any possible threats and helping to establish security protocols that will protect against future threats.

Workplace harassment is another area where private investigators can help businesses. Private investigators are experienced in investigating cases of workplace harassment, as well as providing advice on how to prevent and address such issues. They can also provide evidence for employers to use in court if necessary.

Workplace harassment can have serious implications for any business and is often a cause of great distress for employees. Investigations into workplace harassment are often necessary because of the complex, sensitive and intensely personal nature of such cases. It is important to get to the root of the issue to determine what has actually happened, who may be responsible, and if there is any legal recourse available.

By hiring a private investigator, businesses can protect their employees and themselves from the potential risks associated with Employee terminations, theft, and workplace harrassment. Private investigators are experienced professionals who can help to provide evidence that is necessary for successful termination or litigation proceedings. In addition, they can provide much needed advice on how to prevent and address such issues.

Inappropriate sexual relationships in the workplace can only have serious consequences for businesses and their employees. Not only can such behavior create a hostile work environment, it can lead to legal issues if not properly identified and investigated. Private investigators are experienced professionals who can help businesses uncover any inappropriate sexual relationships that may be occurring within the company. By conducting thorough investigations into these matters, private investigators can provide evidence that is necessary for successful termination or litigation proceedings. Furthermore, they can also provide much needed advice on how to prevent and address such issues going forward.

Private investigators are invaluable resources when it comes to protecting businesses from potential threats, whether they come from outside the company or within. With their assistance, companies can ensure that their employees and operations remain safe while avoiding costly legal implications. A private investigator can help protect businesses from theft, employee terminations, inappropriate sexual relationships and workplace harassment.

It is also important to consider how a private investigator can assist in identifying and preventing workplace harassment or theft. Private investigators use various methods to investigate such occurrences, ranging from surveillance techniques and forensic accounting to interviews with witnesses and analysis of electronic records. With the help of a private investigator, businesses can minimize their exposure to risk and ensure that adequate measures are in place to protect their employees and assets.

Ultimately, a private investigator can be an invaluable asset for any business looking to maximize security, reduce liability, and protect their reputation. By leveraging the skills of a private investigator, businesses can maintain a safe and secure work environment for their employees while reducing the risk of expensive legal battles or reputational damage. By investing in the services of a private investigator, businesses can maximize their chances for success and protect themselves from costly liabilities. If you have any concerns pertaining to these matters, it may be time to consider the expertise of a Private Investigator. An investigative agency such as Present Truth Investigations, can create an effective strategy and provide a viable solution in order to mitigate your risk.

Present Truth Investigations is a professional private investigation agency located in Toronto, Ontario that provides top-of-the-line services for businesses. With decades of experience and highly trained investigators, Present Truth Investigations offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to help businesses protect themselves from risks, reduce liabilities, minimize legal issues, and protect their reputation. Contact Present Truth Investigations today at 1-844-610-1832 or by visiting to learn more.

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Indigenous man’s family hire a Private Investigator to investigate the man’s death.

A lawyer for the family of an Indigenous man found dead in a Thunder Bay, Ont., river argued Wednesday that a police officer at the centre of a disciplinary hearing should be fired for conducting an investigation that’s been declared negligent and tainted by racism and unconscious bias.

The second and final day of the Police Services Act hearing concluded with submissions on potential penalties for Staff Sgt. Shawn Harrison, ranging from a reduction in rank to being fired for his role in investigating the death of Stacey DeBungee.

A passerby spotted DeBungee, 41, in Thunder Bay’s McIntyre River on a morning in October 2015 and called police. Within a few hours — before an autopsy could be completed — the Thunder Bay Police Service put out a statement deeming the death non-suspicious. In a second statement the following morning, the force called the death “non-criminal.”

Police attributed DeBungee’s death — which occurred during a coroner’s inquest into how police had responded to the mostly river-related deaths of seven young Indigenous people — to accidental drowning while drunk.

“What followed is an investigation that has brought … injury to the friends and family of Mr. DeBungee, and has further strained an already problematic relationship between the Indigenous community in Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Police Service,” Asha James, a lawyer representing DeBungee’s brother, Brad DeBungee, argued Wednesday.

“You rebuild trust with the community by doing the right thing, taking a stand and saying we will not tolerate this behaviour in our ranks and this is not the type of officer we are interested in having as part of our service.”

In July, an adjudicator found Harrison guilty of neglect of duty and discreditable conduct in a 119-page decision that found the officer’s unconscious bias led him to conduct a grossly deficient investigation and fail to treat DeBungee’s death without discriminations.

“Staff Sgt. Harrison testified that he always held out that the matter could be suspicious in nature, but if there was truth to that assertion, his investigation would have reflected it,” adjudicator Greg Walton wrote in his decision.

“The resulting negligent investigation was so deficient that he should have been aware that his conduct was adversely affected by an unconscious bias.”

Harrison, who pleaded guilty to the charges, is seeking a demotion of rank and training to address unconscious bias.

“Unconscious bias affects most people. I would actually go further and say it affects everybody, and that’s exactly why it cannot be the basis for punishment,” David Butt, Harrison’s lawyer, argued at the hearing. “Deliberate or careless actions can be and that is what I have asked the punishment be based on.”

Butt further argued that Harrison should not be made a “fall guy” and dismissed because of the broader social context of Indigenous-police relations.

“He’s not responsible for that broader social context … that is an invitation to scapegoating,” Butt said.

The July decision noted that police took no video, photographs or measurements of the scene and gave no thought to securing the area until an autopsy had been done. It also said police took five months to contact the last person known to have been alone with DeBungee and detectives ignored a woman’s confession that she had been in a shoving match with him before he ended up in the river.

Stacey DeBungee

Officers were also unaware that DeBungee’s debit card was used after his death and they took no formal statements from anyone who was with DeBungee before his death, the decision said.

DeBungee, of the Rainy River First Nation, about 400 kilometres west of Thunder Bay, was previously described by his brother Brad as a “happy-go-lucky” and friendly guy who made people laugh. 

In an effort to get at what happened, his family hired a private investigator who was able to piece together what the victim had done the day before his death and who he had been with, said a review released in 2018 by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

The review noted police interviewed none of those people and refused to meet the investigator, which amounted to neglect of duty.

The adjudicator said a decision on what disciplinary action will be taken against Harrison won’t come before the end of the year.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 30, 2022.


This story was produced with the financial assistance of the Meta and Canadian Press News Fellowship.

Tyler Griffin, The Canadian Press


Ex-boyfriend charged in Elnaz Hajtamiri’s abduction from Wasaga Beach home

NOTE: Present Truth Investigations Inc. is impartial and reserves judgement regarding this matter. This re-posted news item is intended to educate and inform about the serious nature of private investigative services.

Mohamad Lilo, 35, was arrested at a home in Brossard, Que. by Ontario Provincial Police and is being flown back to Ontario before appearing in court Wednesday. (Mathieu Wagner/Radio-Canada) – Source: CBC

The ex-boyfriend of Elnaz Hajtamiri has been charged with kidnapping in her violent abduction from a home in Wasaga Beach earlier this year, Ontario Provincial Police say.

Mohamad Lilo of Brossard, Que. also faces charges of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping in connection with a prior assault on the 37-year-old woman in a Richmond Hill, Ont. parking garage on Dec. 21, when Hajtamiri was beaten with a frying pan.

Lilo was arrested Tuesday at a home in Brossard by Ontario Provincial Police and is being flown back to Ontario ahead of a court date on Wednesday, OPP spokesperson Bill Dickson told CBC News. 

Philippe Grenier, Lilo’s lawyer, said the accused intends to plead not guilty.

In a statement to CBC News, Hajtamiri’s family thanked police for their work, saying they are hopeful the development will bring them one step closer to her.

“These past six months have been grueling and painful since her disappearance, as we’ve continued to search endlessly for her. We’ve been met with nothing but silence from the abductors, and not a trace has been found from our beautiful girl,” they said.

“We hope that the arrest of this suspect will bring us closer to finding her.”

Dickson called Tuesday’s arrest “a major step.”

“But this is not over,” he said. “The bottom line is we need to find Elnaz Hajtamiri, we need to find out what has happened to her. We owe that to her family, owe that to her community.”

Elnaz Hajtamiri, 37, was abducted from a home on Jan. 12 by three men wearing police gear, but not actual police uniforms. (Submitted by the Hajtamiri family) – Source: CBC

Tuesday’s charges come approximately three months after two other men were charged in connection with the December assault.

They also come after CBC News reported in April that Lilo hired a private investigator to watch Hajtamiri prior to her abduction in January. He was subsequently charged with criminal harassment and released on bail.

Hajtamiri, who lives in the Toronto area, has been missing since she was forcibly taken by three men wearing police gear on the evening of Jan. 12. She was abducted from a home where she was staying with relatives in the popular tourist area at the foot of Georgian Bay, about a two-hour drive north of Toronto.

Ex-boyfriend was also business partner of Hajtamiri’s

As previously reported, sources have told CBC News Lilo is the former boyfriend of Hajtamiri, who also goes by the last name Tamiri, and that the two broke up last October. 

Dickson told CBC News on Tuesday Lilo was also a former business partner of Hajtamiri, but said he had no further details of that relationship.

Hajtamiri, who was born in Iran, came to Canada in 2018 and found work in the import-export shipping industry, according to a news release from the family, but she had recently left her job to focus on building a cake-making business.

She has yet to be located.

Police say they continue to investigate and “anything is possible” in terms of further arrests or charges.

“Someone may still have that piece of information out there that could lead our investigators to find out where Elnaz is,” said Dickson. 

Hajtamiri is described as five-feet, three-inches tall with a slim build and black hair that had been shoulder length until it was cut not long before she was abducted. 

Anyone with any information is asked to call the dedicated tip line at 1-833-728-3415or their local police service. Anonymous tips can be shared with Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Source: CBC, Ryan Jones