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Private Investigators Do More Than Most Think

Many believe that private investigators only conduct physical surveillance on persons of interest. This would involve, following a target either on foot, by car or by another means of travel. Most are aware that an investigator will take pictures for evidentiary purposes while on the beat. However, this belief is a bit antiquated and slightly inaccurate.

The modern day private investigator typically documents a subject of interest by utilizing a video camera or a covert video recording device. Gone are the days where investigators would snap multiple pictures to document their subjects. However, there are still occasions where an investigator will take a photo, but it will usually be with their smartphone or tablet. And today, private investigators are more than merely flat foots. Seasoned investigators in the modern era conduct investigations ranging from forensics to counter surveillance; with a lot of investigative work being performed from behind a computer.

Whether you are in need of physical surveillance, GPS tracking, background investigations or counter surveillance services, we can do it all at Present Truth Investigations. Watch the video below to check out what we do for you. And feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to address any question or concern that you might have. We look forward to assisting you.

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