Apple AirTags: The Latest Personal Security Threat

In an ever-changing world, technology is making it easier and more convenient to track, monitor, and locate information, property, and even people. Recently, in early 2021, companies such as Apple and Samsung have released mobile GSP and Bluetooth tracking devices that are stated to be used to locate property, such as keys, bags, high ticket items, and even vehicles. While these companies have stated that the intended use is to help locate and monitor personal property, an obvious use has been for illegal means. And as Private Investigators, we are hard-pressed to believe that this possibility was not considered.

Apple AirTag is the size of a large coin.

Unlike traditional GPS trackers, which provide more accurate real-time data, the most popular trackers on the market are the Apple AirTags and the Samsung SmartTags. Both products (retail under $50) are leaders in their respective fields; one for iOS users and one for Android-based products. And with each respectively providing updates within approximately 13 minutes or less. The Apple AirTags provide additional security, in that, they are supposed to alert any iOS user who comes into proximity to them. The alert will notify the person’s iPhone that an AirTag is close by and possibly tracking them; with an additional option to sound an audible alert, that is supposed to assist in locating the device. While, on the other hand, the Samsung SmartTag is a Bluetooth device (unlike the GPS capability of the Apple AirTag) and requires that the Andriod phone user is within Bluetooth range to detect it.

Both products have been proven to be a risk to personal privacy and safety, as people have begun to use them for illegal means. In Canada, it is illegal to track and monitor someone without their consent. However, this may not necessarily stop a potential stalker, thief or deviant from doing so. Therefore, one must be aware of the potential uses and risks that these products can pose; if used for nefarious means. Police forces within North America are now being faced with a new wave of crime, as criminals have begun to utilize trackers as a means to follow victims.

Tracker found inside a rear hitch cap on a pickup truck.

If you suspect that you are being illegally tracked and followed, here are some things that you can do to help protect your safety:

  1. Sweep your items with an Apple Phone. Apple AirTags are supposed to alert any Apple user of their presence.
  2. Check likely and unlikely areas where someone may place a tracker. These include vents, pockets, seams, under caps, compartments, gas caps, truck hitches, underneath vehicles, etc.
  3. If you receive an alert on your iOS device while driving, that a tracker is with you, DO NOT go home. Go to the parking lot of the nearest Police station and search for the tracker there.
  4. Report the incident to the police.
  5. If the tracker is found, use gloves when removing it and provide it to the police as evidence. There may be fingerprints on the device.
  6. If the tracker is not located, and the Police did not locate the tracker, enlist the assistance of a Private Investigator, who is equipped to detect bugs and trackers.

As personal security and privacy have been attacked more and more, it is necessary to protect oneself from the possibility of being monitored and tracked. If you suspect that you are being tracked and/or followed, feel free to reach out for professional assistance. We, at Present Truth Investigations, can provide FREE information that may assist you in remedying your situation. And if needed, we would be happy to help in protecting you and your family. Contact us today, should you have questions or concerns.

Source: Present Truth Investigations, 11Alive News

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