How To Protect Yourself From Criminals Using Apple AirTags

Source: CNBC

An Overview

In the past, we have reported on the potential security threat that Bluetooth trackers like Apple AirTags can pose to the everyday citizen. Recently, the Toronto Police Service has publicly warned the community about how criminals are using these pieces of tech, to track, follow and steal your assets. As new technologies emerge, there are always criminal elements who seek to exploit and use new tech to enhance their criminal enterprise.

How You Can Protect Yourself

Because many of these devices are quite small, it makes it difficult to detect them with the naked eye or sometimes even with a device. However, there are steps that one can take to enhance personal safety. Below are some steps that you can take to detect a Bluetooth tracking device.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your device. Android devices may soon integrate a way to detect popular Bluetooth trackers. And iOS devices offer a solution to detect non-Apple trackers.
  2. Contact your device manufacturer and ask if they can direct you to new solutions to detect Bluetooth trackers.
  3. Download recommended Apps and vetted software designed to detect when a Bluetooth tracker is near.
  4. Inspect potential hiding spots on your vehicle, such as the gas cap housing, wheel wells, bumpers etc. Remember, some of these trackers are magnetic and can be also attached to the chassis.
  5. Contact the local police service if you have evidence that you are being tracked. Do not touch the tracker; as there may be fingerprints on it.
  6. Install a front and rear dash-cam that is motion activated or one that records continuously. It may be possible that an image of the criminal could be caught on the car surveillance system.
  7. If you suspect that you are being tracked, head to the nearest police station parking lot and make contact with the police.
  8. Use a Club or a similar anti-theft deterrent on you vehicle to slowdown and/or deter a theft.
  9. Ensure that your vehicle is monitored under a quality surveillance camera when parked at your residence.
  10. Check your bags for any unknown trackers which may have been placed into them at some point in a public setting.
Source: Youtube, Toronto Police Service

The Final Verdict

It is recommended that your local police service be contacted should you have strong evidence that you are being tracked or if you believe that you are being stalked and/or followed. That said, sometimes these situations may be harder to prove and less likely to be followed upon by the police. This is where a Private Investigator could assist. An investigator would be able to spend more time to investigate suspected tracking and conduct counter-surveillance, which could assist the police in a criminal investigation. Should you presently have concerns that you are being tracked but require additional assistance and recommendations, do not hesitate to reach out to an Investigative Specialist at Present Truth Investigations. We take each alleged tracking concern seriously and will do our utmost to detect and deter found threats.

Source: Present Truth Investigations Inc.

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