10 Signs That Your Partner May Be Unfaithful

As a private investigative agency, we often receive requests from individuals who are concerned about their partner’s possible infidelity. Most people seek the expertise of a private investigator in order to obtain answers and hard proof of unfaithfulness of their companion. But, what are some of the signs that your partner may be cheating? Here are some common signs to watch for, should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. While one or more of these signs may not mean that your partner is in fact unfaithful, these 10 signs could indicate that something else is going on in your relationship.

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10 Signs That Your Partner May Be Unfaithful

  1. Hiding Their Cellphone – If your partner’s behavior suddenly changes and they begin to take their cellphone with them everywhere they go, or if they suddenly begin to always lay their cellphone face down, or if they suddenly only keep their cellphone alerts on private and immediately close the screen when you come near to them, this could be a possible sign of deception.
  2. Hiding To Make/Accept Calls – If your partner suddenly begins to leave the room to make/accept a call or out of nowhere begins to whisper or talk on the phone in the bathroom, this could be another possible sign of deception.
  3. Suddenly Ignoring Cellphone Text Alerts – If you are with your partner and you begin to notice that they receive a lot of text alerts, but they do not answer them, hide their phone or if they keep on making excuses why they don’t answer, this could be a possible sign of deception.
  4. Longer Work Hours – Your partner suddenly begins to claim that they need to work longer work hours away from you, or that they need to go away for work on a more regular basis, could be a red flag in the infidelity department.
  5. Less Physical Contact – If your partner seems to have lost interest in you physically, and they seem to desire less physical intimacy and/or express little to no desire for sexual contact; this can also be another sign to watch for.
  6. Spending Less Time – If your partner suddenly begins to spend less and less time with you, this can be another warning sign that someone else could be in the picture or that they are simply losing interest.
  7. Stops Calling – If your partner suddenly stops calling you as much and/or has little time to speak with you, this could be another glaring sign that something is not right with your relationship.
  8. Partner Always Talks About Someone Else – If your partner suddenly begins to constantly bring up and talk about someone else, like a coworker, friend or someone they recently met, this could be a possible sign that another intimate relationship is forming outside of your own.
  9. Spending More Time With A “Friend” – If your partner begins to spend more time with a friend or friends and this eats into the time that you would normally spend with them, this could be another possible sign.
  10. More Irritable Around You – If your partner suddenly is more irritable around you and they get mad when you request to spend more time with them, this could be another warning sign that something is not right with your relationship.
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How Can Your Protect Yourself From Being Hurt?

One of the best things you can do to minimize the hurt and disappointment that you may experience, would be to trust your gut. Our gut instincts are often spot on. That said, sensing that something is off is not enough on it’s own, if there are no behavioral or concrete evidences to prove this feeling. As private investigators, we often receive calls from individuals who recognize that something is not right with their relationship. And when asked why they suspect that their partner may be unfaithful, the client often cites sudden behavioral changes and/or hard evidence of infidelity.

In cases where an individual communicates that they have hard proof of unfaithfulness, our typical response is often “Then why do you need us?”, but usually these individuals explain that having video evidence of impropriety would better put their mind to rest. To these individuals our recommendation is to remove themselves from their negative circumstances. However, we understand that the issue is often more complicated that that; especially if children are involved.

If you find yourself in a relationship in which you suspect infidelity, our advice would be to first trust your gut, pay attention to sudden behavioral changes, communicate with your partner and ask questions and lastly obtain evidence. And if all indicators point definitively to unfaithfulness, then you must decide whether you stay with the possibly of being hurt more, or if you should leave to protect yourself from being injured any further.

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  • Without trust you have nothing in a relationship. So, identify the areas of mistrust and attempt to communicate civilly with your partner.
  • Trust your gut, but don’t make rash decisions or jump to conclusions based on feelings alone.
  • Seek help from a relationship counselor. Maybe your relationship can be salvaged if issues are identified and addressed.
  • Don’t always assume your partner is cheating, there may be other stressors which are contributing to their change in behavior.
  • Do your part to strengthen the relationship.
  • If all else fails, decide if staying or leaving would be best for your mental health.
  • If you are still unsure if your partner is unfaithful and want proof, reach out to an investigative professional for their recommendations.

Contact us if you have questions regarding how we could assist you with your current situation.

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